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As an independent software developer, I deliver custom solutions for small businesses. These solutions are often, though not exclusively, built upon open source software.

Desktop software
Cross platform software development preferably using:
Web applications
I have extensive experience of developing web applications based upon the J2EE platform and the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) solution stack.
Web development
Having not only developed a number of high traffic sites, but also written web crawlers, I have solid experience in how to best organize web site information in order to make it accessible. I create clean sites that are optimized for search engines, respect modern web standards, and degrade gracefully on older browsers or handheld[1] devices such as mobile phones. As a result of being based in France, I am particularly accustomed to developing transparently multi-lingual web sites designed to increase your company's international visibility.
Content management
Content management systems (CMS) make it easier for non technical users to publish web sites. For most small businesses wanting to update the content of their web sites, I recommend the system Joomla. Larger businesses may find the CMS Drupal to be a worthy alternative. I can install, customize, and provide training for both of these systems.

In addition to software development, I also offer an online data collection service. Using a specially designed program, Sine Fine, I am able to efficiently gather business information from the web. This data is then stored in a structured manner, facilitating its exploitation.

I am an effective project manager — your projects will be completed on time and on budget.

I look forward to being able to contribute to your success.


  1. Recent estimates suggest that 29% of users from the five largest EU countries regularly access the web via handheld devices (such as mobile phones and PDAs.) The success of Apple's iPhone is a further demonstration of the importance of this market. Creating or adapting websites to take into account this change is both a challenge and an opportunity. My experience and skills enable me to help you successfully make this transition.